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Multi-award winning vocal powerhouse Roveena has been making her own mark in the music industry. Her signature voice has over three million spins and has shattered 12 million views in YouTube collaborations. Her first EP 'Perfect World' received critical acclaim with Roveena quickly being recognized as a "stunning voice that needs to be heard" and garnered various media and radio outlets, including glowing reviews from BBC Radio and CBC.
Roveena's hit song 'Fearless' from her sophomore album titled Fearless was featured during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on CBC Television. Her second singles 'Fly' and ‘Time’ hit 50,000 streams within the first week of release and earned Roveena a spot on the 2023 GRAMMY® Ballot First Round of voting for Best Pop Vocal Performance respectively. In addition, her co-written hit ‘Time’ floored the judges at CBC Toyota’s Searchlight and handpicked Roveena to be one of the top 10 national finalists. Now, Roveena is out with another emotional orchestral ballad titled 'Save Me' written with James Bryan (SONY/ATV, The Philosopher Kings, Prozzak).

Roveena’s musical breakthrough happened after she reluctantly posted a video of herself singing Etta James’s "At Last" on YouTube. The video caught the eyes & ears of Toronto's CityTV producers, landing her a guest spot to perform on live television. Roveena dazzled hosts with the power of her voice so much, that a planned one minute segment turned into eight minutes - an appearance that would launch Roveena's career.
“Everything snowballed from that point,” she says. Soon after her Breakfast Television debut, Roveena was invited to sing the national anthems at Toronto Blue Jays and NFL games, and placed in the Top 3 on the singing competition show TVI’s Superstar, which boosted her profile, both in Canada and internationally.

Roveena has experienced a rather nomadic life, living in Sri Lanka, the U.K., and Nigeria prior to settling in Canada with her parents. She comes from a musically-oriented family, and was singing almost from the cradle. “My parents have audio tapes of me singing along to ABBA songs at 18 months,” Roveena recalls, laughing. Growing up, she frequently mesmerized listeners at family events and community concerts and also became proficient as a pianist.

Roveena’s key early musical inspirations were the three leading divas of our time, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. She studied classical piano and composition at The University of Waterloo, but chose to pursue a career in human resources. Her love of music never diminished though, and the fateful City TV appearance encouraged her to plunge headfirst and pursue her passion for music with total commitment.


Now, Roveena is writing and recording her highly anticipated upcoming third studio album. 

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