Self-Doubt. Don't Give In.

Self-Doubt. A too-familiar word that has, at times, held me back from living my dream. It can cripple you, leave you feeling helpless; we have all experienced it from time to time. I know from personal experience, that once the seed of self-doubt starts to grow, it will take over you. Am I good enough? Will you like my songs? Will I sound amazing on stage tonight? Does my hair look weird today? What if I'm terrible? I try my best to fight the negative talk - I have good days and bad. On the good ones I keep my head up, and work towards what my heart is screaming for. And a funny thing happens - I succeed! On the bad days, I let the doubts invade my mind and it gets to me. Then, without surpr

Finding Inspiration.

I was clearing out some old boxes the other day when I came across this clock. My grandfather had given it to me when I was a wee little girl, just starting to take piano lessons. I remember he placed it on top of the piano and said, “Time is a gift - use it well”. I would practice for hours upon hours and that clock would sit on top of my piano, ticking away - reminding me of what he had said. I guess as I got older, life got in the way and I forgot the true value of time. Maybe that is how this clock ended up tucked away in an old box. It was a sign that I found it again now - when I was feeling a little lost after the recent events in my life. I dusted it off and decided to put a battery

Be the Force to Make a Change.

I was honoured to be a part of a panel celebrating the achievements of women last night. Several entrepreneurial-spirited women who are leaders in their respective industries shared stories of their paths, and to hear how each of them had overcome adversity to fight for gender equality was beyond inspirational. Knowing firsthand many of the struggles discussed - having seen and experienced them - it’s empowering to remember that it’s up to us to act as forces of change, to bridge the gender gap that still permeates our society. Thank you for having me Canadian Tamils' Chamber of Commerce - CTCC - I had a blast, knowing that through our open conversation we were making a difference for future

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