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Self-Doubt. Don't Give In.

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Self-Doubt. A too-familiar word that has, at times, held me back from living my dream. It can cripple you, leave you feeling helpless; we have all experienced it from time to time. I know from personal experience, that once the seed of self-doubt starts to grow, it will take over you. Am I good enough? Will you like my songs? Will I sound amazing on stage tonight? Does my hair look weird today? What if I'm terrible? I try my best to fight the negative talk - I have good days and bad. On the good ones I keep my head up, and work towards what my heart is screaming for. And a funny thing happens - I succeed! On the bad days, I let the doubts invade my mind and it gets to me. Then, without surprise, I stall. I don't beat myself up on those days though. Instead, I take the opportunity to learn from them, and move forward - stronger. I keep learning every day, and what I find most valuable is to persistently push for the good ones, fight vigorously for them one day at a time, and never stop short of believing that I can do anything I put my mind and heart to. And you can too!

Don't give in.


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