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Let's Fight Lymphoma Cancer!

My Dad has always been the strongest person I’ve known. Even after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer – he showed everyone around him that when you are truly tested in life – you need even more to push beyond your limits, take risks and live without regrets. I am truly proud of my dad and happy to announce that I am an official Partner and Brand Ambassador for Lymphoma Canada.

Lymphoma Canada is consistently raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of lymphoma cancer but also bringing awareness to all the important ways that the lymphoma community comes together to bring hope to those living with lymphoma. As the 5th most common cancer in Canada, awareness is at an all time low and I am helping Lymphoma Canada change this. When you download and stream my new single Love Will Light The Way (2015) – Lymphoma Cancer Support you will be helping someone who has been diagnosed/living with Lymphoma. Net proceeds from the sale and streaming of this single will be donated to Lymphoma Canada.

My Dad continues to inspire me daily and I want to help as many people battling Lymphoma as I can. Please help by sharing this video, spreading the word and helping to raise awareness.

Thank you to the wonderful souls who helped in my Dad’s journey with his fight with Lymphoma Cancer let’s keep spreading the word!



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