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Living with your inner truth takes courage. We sometimes take that for granted – especially when your truth doesn’t conform to societal expectations. When every fiber in your body is telling you something that the rest of the world cannot see or even understand.

I was filled with so much inspiration this Friday night,when I attended the Inspire Awards at the Hart House. An Awards Gala dedicated to the members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans community who have made a significant impact and contribution within the community. From the minute I walked in, I could sense the freedom, acceptance, and total lack judgment permeating the air – everyone was comfortable with being themselves, no matter what that was. You don’t feel that too often, or at least I don’t. I felt like I was in a safe place.

I was attending this event with a friend, and we stood there in awe of how beautiful each and every individual surrounding us was. The diversity was breathtakingly striking. We were standing in the middle of the venue,when we were befriended by a beautiful tall blonde. She had walked by and greeted us with a warm smile, coyly inviting us to sit with her during cocktail hour, and partingways before the award ceremony. As the awards were handed out, we saw our beautiful blonde friend heading up to the stage. She was the recipient of the Trans Heroes Award and had quite a storied career filled with activism, breaking barriers and questioning the status quo. I think what was remarkable to me, is how humble and approachable she was when we met, not a trace of ego – just desire to connect, listen.

For me the evening was magical because we were celebrating a community that to this day fights for equivalency, for the right to live their life the way they want to. And simultaneously they appeared to be the happiest and most loving towards their inner selves, refusing to settle for someone else’s ideas of a life worth living. This unapologetic battle for happiness and self-acceptance is something so many of us give up, freely, because we feel like someone knows better. It’s nice to be reminder that they don’t, and that inspiration surrounds us, shall we dare look.



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