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Fearless - Officially OUT!

My new Album Fearless Officially Out Today!

Music meant a lot to me as far back as I can remember. It was all I ever wanted to do. As I journeyed on my path, I kept getting obstacles thrown in my way and doors were constantly shut in my face. Every time I heard a “No,” or was rejected from an opportunity, I let it tear me down. So much so, that the rejections took me to a place where I started to doubt myself, and the fear of hearing a rejection crippled my creativity and paralyzed me into inaction. I wanted to quit music and forget about pursuing my dream, but the thought of doing that made my soul sad and innately I knew I had to keep going. Fearless was written to help fight against the self-doubts that plagued me (and maybe plague you too). I learned to let negativity fuel my drive, to work harder, to be uncrushable. Being fearless became synonymous with believing in myself, no matter the circumstance. This EP is dedicated to my Dad. Happy Birthday - I hope you are listening from above. xoxo Roveena Stream/Buy Your Copy of Fearless Now!

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